Our Story

     At Bark Gourmet, we believe that your dog should eat just as healthy as you do. Our goal of feeding fresh and healthy foods not only extends to your dog but to ours as well as every batch is fed to our own family pets. Guaranteed Analysis testing is done regularly following AAFCO standards. 

     Our journey into making fresh dog food began after the loss of our family pet. Hawk, our English Mastiff rescue, suddenly became sick. Our first concern was whether the food we were feeding him caused his illness since he was a very healthy, strong dog. Our minds raced while waiting for test results. Had we missed a food recall? Had we inadvertently done this to our beloved dog? In the end, we lost Hawk to a liver tumor. Although it was not due to a contaminated dog food, the experience left us believing we should feed our dogs a better food. 

     At the time, we fed all of our pets a dry kibble and freeze dried processed food made by national manufacturers. Frequent recalls from mass produced foods was a common occurrence. Dog foods filled with questionable ingredients seemed to be the standard. We then tried a few cooked foods on the market. New concerns arose regarding shipper handling and spoiled food due to delays in transit. All of these issues led us to create our own fresh food with wholesome ingredients. Our dog food is made locally and delivered personally from our family to yours. 

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