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Comparing Wet Foods to Dry Foods

Our pets are important parts of our family and keeping them healthy is a priority. One main component in doing this is feeding them a quality food. There are plenty of food choices to consider and picking a new food can quickly become an overwhelming task.

When looking at a new food it is only natural to compare what you are currently feeding to a potential new food. Ingredients are usually the first things you compare. While this is very important you should also look at the Guaranteed Analysis. This indicates how much protein, fat, fiber, moisture and calorie content is in the food. But beware, you could quickly glance at a Guaranteed Analysis and see an alarming difference in values. This may cause you to put the food down and move on to the next one. While you can easily compare numbers between two dry foods or two wet foods it is important to know that these values mean different things. This is especially true when comparing a dry food to a wet food. The main difference between a dry food and a wet food is the moisture content. Dry foods are processed in such a way that it concentrates its ingredients and removes the majority of the moisture. Wet foods keep all of its moisture and thus the nutrients are dispersed differently throughout the food. So comparing a wet food to a dry food is not necessarily comparing apples to apples.

Dog foods are reported in the Guaranteed Analysis on an “as fed (AF)” basis regardless of their moisture content. In order to compare a dry food and a wet food the moisture content value has to be eliminated. This is done when foods are converted to a “dry matter (DM)” basis. There are several dog food conversion calculators available on the Internet. They instantly convert the nutrient values to the same scale, which allows you to easily compare different types of foods. All you have to do is plug in the nutrient values found in the Guaranteed Analysis.

Every dog is different but a lot of dogs enjoy wet foods because of its texture, aroma and taste. Since wet food is not as concentrated as dry food your dog will need a larger feeding amount. They also may not drink as much water with their meal due to the higher moisture content compared to a dry kibble.

Picking a new food can take a little research but understanding what is in a dog food allows you to navigate through the many food options available. Bark Gourmet uses wholesome ingredients that contain no preservatives, byproducts or artificial flavors. We strive to make a food that your dog will not only enjoy but ensure that they are eating healthy as well.


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