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Making the Change from Old Food to New

If you are like most people you get excited about trying something new that you just bought. You can't wait to try it and your dog may be just the same way. So when you buy some new dog food you may be tempted to feed your furry pal their new food all at once. But hold your horses....because even though your dog may be just as excited about trying something new their stomach may not. It is very important to remember that switching to a new dog food has to be a gradual change in order to prevent an upset stomach, diarrhea and vomiting.

The introduction of new food should occur over the course of 7-10 days depending on your dog. You will gradually decrease the amount of their current food while increasing the amount of new food. The first 2-3 days will be a ratio of 25% new food and 75% current food. Make sure to mix the foods thoroughly to ensure your dog is eating all the food as opposed to picking through it. It's also important to observe your dog for any changes. If you notice that your dog's stomach is upset you may have to lengthen the amount of time you feed them that same ratio until their tummy adjusts. If your dog is acclimating well to the new food then you can adjust the ratio to 50% new food and 50% current food for the next couple of days. After that you would adjust to 75% new food and 25% old food for the next few days until you fully transition to 100% new food. Keep in mind that every dog is different. Some are more finicky than others. Some dogs tummies might take a little bit longer to adjust to dietary changes. But before long your dog will be enjoying their new food and you'll be happy knowing that your furry pal is eating a fresh and natural diet.


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