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What exactly is in your dog's food?

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

Whether you feed dry kibble, freeze dried, raw, or freshly cooked food, do you really know what is in your dog's food? Do you know how it is cooked, and handled prior to arriving in your home? Have you been concerned when you find out about a mass produced commercial dog food recall? Have you ever wondered if the meal choice you've made for your family pet is a good one?

Well, we've asked ourselves all of those questions and more. This is how Bark Gourmet went from an idea to a market reality. Our home cooked foods are "fresh & natural" without any chemical additives, animal scrap byproducts, or commercial fillers meant to lower costs and ultimately food quality. At Bark Gourmet, our goal is to make the freshest, and cleanest food possible for our family pets, and yours.

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